Things Exactly When You Need Them


Search for what you need, wherever you are. A speaker for your next party, a pair of skis for your next trip, or even a vaccum to clean up the place.


Request to rent an item by specifying a time frame in which you would like to rent for the item. Wait for the renter to confirm the request.


Once you use enter the renter's house and pick up the item, confirm it on the app. Once you return the item, make sure you leave a rating and review!

Monetize Existing Infrastructure

Create Profile

Create a renter profile by inputting your house location and your payment information.

Customize Casa

Select items in your house that you'd like to rent out. Add a price, image, title, and description to each item you add so that it goes live.

Make Money

Accept requests for people to rent out your items. Make sure users click 'Pick Up Item' when they come to pick it up. Enjoy the cash flow!

Our Vision


Casa is a mobile platform that allows users to explore, request, and use household items. These include anything from sports equipment, electronics, gaming, to home improvement. Users gain access to high quality items, only when they need them, and avoid spending big money to buy these items.


Most of the items in your house go unused for much of the year. Our platform allows you to profit off of items in your home that are sitting idle. Our simplistic UI/UX also allows users to quickly become renters and instantly begin monetizing their homes.